Old Diary


Xtend and ClimbIt’s been great once again to wake up with eagerness for the day’s challenges!

Are you a morning person?  I am.  Have been all my life.  And when I wake, I’m fully awake. (Much to Peg’s dismay — who takes a bit longer to rouse out of slumber).  Mostly I wake up in high gear and get right with some program or another.   Unfortunately, since October too much of that high octane energy has been spent on surfing, but that’s just a minor aberration in an otherwise very different life.

My new Xtend & Climb ladder arrived the other day.  It was “gift” to myself that I promised when we got close to mobility day.  I’m eager to get a chance to put it through it’s paces.  (as soon as we get Journey back from the refitters.  Oh am I eager!

Last summer I was pretty much unable to do any maintenance on her above 6′ — no ladder.  (well, to be truthful my head was so preoccupied by the scheduled-and-then-rescheduled-then-in-process-deal-on-the-house that I didn’t really want to be working on the RV)   Now I have a few items I really want to get out there and look at, figure out solutions for, and work on.  I’m really looking forward to our 2 week stays throughout the summer.

Most are little things.  Checking this and checking that.  fluid levels, fittings, connections. That sort of stuff.  But there are some actual “work” projects ahead too:  times to get sweaty!

I want to go around with sealer and check all the seams on the coach.  I looked them over last fall and they are all still good. But they are showing their age.  Now would be a good time to clean them out and recaulk while the seals are still tight — and not after they have started to leak and made water stains inside Journey. 

Then there is solar power.  I think I want to get some solar panels on the roof — I’ve been pondering this a while now and I realize it comes as a Catch-22:

  • Solar panels cost a reasonable amount of money — do we want to spend it?
  • They are most “useful” if you’re doing a good deal of boon docking — but thus far (in our minimal 6 months of full time living) we haven’t done ANY boondocking — we’ve been hanging out in C.O.E. campgrounds.  ARE we going to do enough boondocking to make the expense worthwhile.  We have a lot of ideas, but we haven’t put them into practice — YET…
  • Maybe we need to spend some time on the road to figure that out…….
  • Who knows, we we find out what RV’ing means in OUR life we may find that we either aren’t doing any boondocking or are doing a whole lot — only time will tell.

In the meantime I’ll do what I do…. research — and measure.  Measure the roof.  Atop my brand new ladder!  Oh what fun…. something to plan!


I just love this new ladder!

But, sad to say…. we’ll be without Journey for two weeks……

Oh, the trip to Elkhart went well.  You can see our route here.  We pulled into Bradd & Hall‘s lot about 2:30.  After unhooking the CR-V we checked into our hotel and took off for our big meal of the day.  We can’t sleep in Journey as all our gear, including our mattress, is in Cudahy inside the school.  But we had a free night with our Wyndham TripRewards and we used that.  So, no charge for overnight.

Dinner was at Texas Roadhouse — not a great choice for vegetarian wannabe’s but the options were seriously limited on Mothers Day — meaning every place that was worth eating at was jam packed to the gills.

The people you love to hate

However… when we got to TRH the store was similarly crowded out the door.  But when I went up to register and find out how long the wait might be the hostess told me if we ate at the bar we could get a free appetizer.  Now, we also had a coupon for 10% off, so that sounded like a pretty spiffy deal.

We waltzed — pretty as you please — right through the crowded lobby, right past people who were mumbling about their reservations going up in smoke and right to our place at the bar.  Now don’t get me wrong — I can’t remember the last time I sat at a bar — that’s just not our style.  But for a quick seat in a crowded resto — hey — I won’t snear at a seat right behind the beer tap.

from my seat


I only wish they had darker beer on tap!

So, we had a free appetizer, we got our 10% off, the service was decent even though the joint was jumpin’ and we surely won’t need to eat a third meal today.  Good On Us!

I should return for just a moment to this morning when I was busy blogging and Peg came running into the room telling me to bring my iPhone — stat!.

Well, when “She Who Must Be Obeyed” uses that tone I know what I have to do — OBEY!

shower in diamondssee through showerTurns out the sun was shining into the shower and she was being showered in diamonds.  The photo really doesn’t do the scene justice — the light show lasted only a couple more moments.

The reason for the light show is that our shower has windows in it.  The shower is actually 5 feet from the window but when it was built there were two windows installed in the shower to provide light from the room (in addition to an overhead light installed in the ceiling of the shower)  It’s lovely taking a shower in the dim light gathered from the over mirror light.  Or one can turn on the bathroom ceiling light.  Or you can turn on the shower ceiling light.  We may not have a bathtub — but we have ambience aplenty in the shower!!!!!!!

And there you have our day.

Tomorrow we meet Bradd at the shop, let him know about some last minute additions to the job and then head towards the house.  I have some phone calls to make as soon as I get home and some projects to arrange.  Gonna be a busy week I think, and if it isn’t I’ll make things to keep me busy.

Cheery Bye to all and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.