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One More Month?

I should have known!  A beautiful day yesterday was the harbinger of a very strange day today.

After bagels at Panera Bread we started off with a walk at Wehr Nature Center. There’s a lot of volunteer work going on out there and some of the volunteers were well older than we — lift that shovel, swing that rake…..  Afterwards I picked up my old pruning shears from Kathryn and then we headed home.  She took half a day off to do some exterior painting on their place – part of the pre-listing cleanup for them.

I heard from our agent about the buyer/buyers’ agent review of the inspection and to me it sounded as if we were/are in pretty decent shape.  Little things have me still wondering whether I’m getting the entire story. There seem to be communication gaffs aplenty.  I don’t have time or the inclination to explain all the gorey details right now. Frankly I’m tired of blogging about all the in’s and out’s of real estate — it’s never been my favorite subject and I’m only writing enough to save my own sanity.  After all of this is said and done, I may write it up in a single story. It might be fun to see it all in perspective. But for now…  I’ll take a pass on explaining.

It was a busy afternoon.  Peg managed to get the lawn mowed.  I got the wisteria pruned as well as the grapes — I know — wrong time ‘o year to do so, but had to be done. We had people coming and going through the afternoon but by 5 p.m. life had settled down again.

One thing for sure — having too many projects up in the air at any one time is just not my cup-‘o-tea.  Too many balls in the air.  Too many balls by far.

I can’t be sure Peg had a good birthday.  The morning walk was rather balanced out by mowing the lawn.  Dinner was lovely — back on our veggie diet

numeral 30

Thirty more days till Closing?


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    • LOL — hit the wall? I think I’ve been beating my head against it! I think I I weren’t blogging to get it out of my system I would have been out of it!


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