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Good News on the Inspection

We are being guardedly optimistic that the deal will go through!  We returned home yesterday about 3:30 and the buyer was still on premise finishing up their inspection — 7 1/2 hours later.  There were little things they anticipated but he sounded quite satisfied with what they learned and he’s eager to take possession.

As for ourselves, aside from being on pins and needles over the weekend we were ok, and happy to have the last part of the transaction that we can have any input on completed.  From here on in, what needs doing has to be done by someone else.

SPGHILLschaumWe stayed at the Springhill Suites in Schaumburg and thoroughly enjoyed our time.  This has to be my favorite hotel!  We’ve only been here three times (I think) but each stay has been wonderful and they do a good job of keeping the property updated and improved.  We made a very short stop at IKEA right next door.  Didn’t buy very much — about $3.00 worth.  But the hour spent there was long enough to give us time to decide that what we wanted was NOT being in the middle of the city and TO be in a garden…. So we bopped over to the Chicago Botanic Gardens for the third time in as many weeks and it’s hard to believe how much changes in just a few days.  The 5500 oriental poppies that had been planted the day of our first visit were already bloomed and past bloom!  A lot of other specific changes took place but suffice it to say it was a wonderful cool afternoon with a LOT of people at the gardens — but fewer than we would have found most anywhere else in Chicagoland. IKEAschaum

So, now we turn our attention to next weekend and the trip to Elkhart.  We have plans beyond Elkhart, which I’ll share once I see the final weather forecast.  We’re excited!

This week I do want to bring Journey back over to the house, so I can get those faucets installed and see about getting our DISH network receiver working and our account setup.

So, things are looking as good as we can hope.  There are lots of undercurrents and back stories I could tell.  Some of them might come out after the deal is done; you never want to jinx something by talking about it too much.  I’m sure you can respect that.

So, Happy Peter, signing off for today…. Talk with you tomorrow.

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Thirty Two Days???? We Hope!


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  1. I absolutely love Ikea, Peter. We don’t have one where I’m now living (I think the closest one is about 24 hours drive away!) I’m glad things seem to be falling into place for you – fingers still crossed 😀


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