Linoleum Engraving

As you know, we’re out of town “filling time” in anticipation of the buyer’s home inspection tomorrow. So, consider this a meaningful filler.

On the annoying side we were expecting an amendment to the sales contract extending the buyer’s option to inspect.  We’ve been expecting that since Wednesday morning.  The buyer signed off on it Wednesday evening. The Buyer’s agent signed off on it yesterday.  So when did we get it?  The Buyer’s agent’s email to our agent is time stamped 11:14 today — on Friday.  I just don’t get people like that.  What’s so hard about delivering a form in a timely manner?  Ah, it’s the world we live in.  We have all these fancy electronic devices and we can’t manage to handle a piece of paper….. argh.

Skilled Hands

Camera Love

I’ve never been great with my hands. Oh, I can type fast — I love typing because its the only way I can communicate as fast as I can think.  But other than that, I don’t do a lot with my hands.

I wrote a while ago about trying to do some water-colors, or sketching.  I haven’t done much about that yet; in my present frame of mind I’m not in a mood to sit and draw or paint.  But what I have been doing is looking for other avenues to use my creative urges.

When I was young I used to do a fair amount of wood carving. I don’t think I want to return to wood carving, but I like sharp edges and I like simple lines.  So I have turned my thoughts to something I only tried once — while in school — and I enjoyed it a lot.

Linoleum Engraving

Lino Arches

I have learned that I am more of a two dimensional artist than a three dimensional one.  Theoretically there might not be a huge difference but practically — to me — the difference is monumental.  I have always loved the look of pen and ink drawings as well as block prints such as these two examples.

It might take a while before I try my hand.  As I said, I’m looking for ideas.  My hands are still firm and I’m not old enough to be shaky — so its entirely possible I might do well with a gouge in my hand rather than a knife.  After we get out on the road I’ll have some time to play and I’ll give a try to see what the results look like — if they are worth developing I might give it a try.

We started making travel plans in detail, and once we know if the deal is going through I’ll fill you in.  We are considering a summer of 2 weeks stays.  Last year we did a few 14 day stays but they were interspersed with as many shorter stops.  Our intent this summer is to see how well we do in Journey for longer periods of time — anticipating that we may winter in places for several months at a time.  With two weeks in one place I might get past that itchy desire to see what’s around me, (communities, people, wildlife) and settle into a hobby other than working on images.

I sometimes think that I took up photography just because I wasn’t great with my hands and a single image did not take hours or days to create.  Oh, they can take that much time. There have been more than a few images that I have labored on in Post-Production for days (tweaking contrast and color, adding elements or removing them, layering effects into an image).  But in general photography is the act of a moment.  Engraving, sketching, and painting are all processes that consume far more time for much less output.  Because I have always been conscious of the passage of time I guess I have wanted to put my hand and energy into activities that produced more (quantity) tangible results.

So now, when I have the time to play, and I am not concerned about selling product at an affordable price, activities that take longer to do have more interest to me. We’ll see what mobility brings.  Maybe I’ll take a much different view of life once I get past this selling stage…..

Anyway…. talk to you tomorrow.

Thirty Four Days

Thirty Four Days


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