Inspections Scheduled

Monday was wait, wait, wait.  Tuesday was MOVE FORWARD by leaps!

Our fourth upholstery option came through for us.  We contracted the job, and high-tailed it over to JoAnn Fabrics where we found fabric yesterday that we liked.  We got enough for the job and a little left over for 50% off and this morning we will drop the fabric off with the upholstery guy.

We are getting an early start because one of of our two inspections is due to begin about the time this blog entry posts.   The appraiser is due here at 8:30 — our agent is taking him through — so we are on the road to the upholsterer’s and then down to Chicago Botanic Gardens to catch some more of the spring flowers there.

Our second inspection will happen on Sunday — at 8:00 am.  Not sure what we will do to be out of the house but looks like we’ll be gone all day.

If both inspections come off as hoped our deal should be good to go.  I’d be happy about that because we have stepped out on faith as regards the updates to Journey so it would be good to see our faith rewarded.

numeral 37

Thirty Seven more Days till Closing


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