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Wait, wait, wait

I enjoy watching old movies — mostly because of the black and white images, partly because of the “different” world I see there.  One of the most interesting aspects to me has been how old movies treat servants.  I should say going in that the idea of living with a servant is absolutely repulsive — I would hate having someone else living in a house with me and waiting on me to give them things to do.  That just isn’t our thing.  But….

Right now Peg & I are sort of getting our chance to pretend we are the servants!  That is, from the aspect that we are awaiting inspection contingencies for our contract.  Sort of waitin’ on Massa’ to decide what he’s doing and hence what we have to do!  home inspection

  • We anticipate a home inspection sometime in the next 120 hours.
  • We anticipate an appraiser through the property sometime in the next 240 hours.

You’ve probably seen some of those old movies where the butler seems to be awake at any and every hour of the day just a-waitin’ on the man of the house to return home, or the cook with something always ready to eat in the kitchen?  Living a self-less life is an interesting sensation.


An ancient annunciator panel for the household servants

I think Debbie tired us both out because we were both tuckered and not in a big hurry to tackle much of anything. I got the new LED bulbs install in Journey.  Now the only high energy lights left are the ceiling fluorescents and I’m going to wait to see how much boondocking we do before changing them out.

I got the DISH receiver up into the cabinet — still have to Velcro it in place — but everything fits nicely.  I’ll wait until the 1st of May to do the paperwork and get an account set up. We’ll end up paying for 1 month we won’t be using — so that I can get the system in and installed and any trouble-shooting done before we head out of Milwaukee.


sewing upholsteryOn this front, yesterday proved to be less productive than I had thought.  I had good hopes of taking the cushions to someone I thought might be our cushion re-upholstering solution only to find he was not.  Nor was my second option.  Our third option can do the job but not in the time provided, and for more money than I want to spend.  Our fourth option hasn’t returned phone calls or emails.  So, I’m at sixes and sevens.

We did visit three fabric stores, and at the last store we found a fabric we like.  Our granddaughter’s sewing machine isn’t heavy enough to do the work ourselves — and for that matter I don’t think either Peg or My sewing skills are up for that challenge.  We’re in a sort of holding pattern here too.  I’ll see if we get a response today.  It would be nice to give someone local the business.  If that doesn’t work we might be forced to use Bradd & Hall even if they have to ship the cushions a week or two after we have picked up Journey.

numeral 38

thirty eight days before closing


2 thoughts on “Wait, wait, wait

  1. Distasteful treatment of “servants” isn’t limited to old movies. A couple of years ago while Food and Beverage Manager at a Hilton, a group of South Asians flooded the cafe for breakfast.It was extremely busy so I was helping my staff with service,one of my waiters asked me to take coffee to a table. As I set it down the woman in the couple looked at me as if I had placed dog poop in front of her – at the same time she slapped my arm hard enough to leave welts as she snarled – I said steamed milk! Holy crap. I was not in a uniform, rather dressed in business attire, and obviously in charge.Not that it would have been acceptable to assault my staff – the mere fact that I “served” her was enough to make her see red. Lets just say they had to find another hotel for the night. 🙂


  2. Sorry to hear about the abusive behavior! I am often amazed at how rudely people treat service personnel. Glad you “got yours” in the end. 🙂


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