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Back in the Saddle

Back home and back in the saddle. We thought our agent was going to drop our key off on Sunday — and perhaps we might find whether the buyer did their home inspection over the weekend but no luck. On the way home Peggy brought up the subject of whether we should consider having the dinette cushions re-upholstered.  We had talked about doing this while in Elkhart and I thought we had decided against doing so — but evidently I should have taken that conversation to mean that I had decided against it but she was still thinking about it.  At the moment we are two weeks to drop off in Elkhart and I don’t know if Bradd & Hall would have time to procure the material in time, or whether we have enough money in our budget to pay for the work. It looks like I need to get on the horn and check it out.  Also there’s a local upholsterer who might be able to do the job — and we could give him the cushions any time now, and he would have more time to do the job — but we don’t know the cost at either location.  So, time to get some quotes. The list of projects ahead is shaping up, I think I’ll have enough time to get them all done.


Nina & Pinta Replicas

While we were with Debbie, we got to talking about her dad who is volunteering on the Nina or the Pinta (TheNina.com). Their sailing schedule has changed and we might b able to meet up with him on the boat in June or July.  Doing so might require a re-timing of our two planned Corps of Engineers stops — I’ll have to investigate whether that’s do-able.  It would be nice to meet up with him on the boat.

Peg also realized that with Michael and Kathryn turning part of the new building into residential quarters that we will have to change our mailing address yet one more time.  And get new licenses, and checks, and … well, you now the drill.  First we need to find out what the address for their residence will be — different from the business address — and that is pending approval of their building plans and discussion with the Post Office.

Because I still carry my commercial drivers license I’ll have to change addresses in person at a state facility — so, we might need to hang out near Wisconsin for longer than we thought.  It could happen that we reprise The Summer of the Mississippi and return to some of the other campgrounds we visited last year.  All of that is still under advisement — we’ll sort out the details over the next couple weeks, making reservation changes if necessary.  I’ll keep you posted.

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Thirty Nine more Days Till Closing