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We Have Ignition, Will We Get Liftoff?


Apollo 17 Ignition, Cape Canaveral (now called Cape Kennedy), 1972

April 23 goes down in history as a red-letter day for our family! It’s kind of odd about this week in April.  Peg’s dad died on the 24th of the month, my dad died on the 26th of the month, and now we get an offer for the house/school on the 23rd!

This morning we hot-footed it over to our agent’s office and signed off on it.

Good news:  the offer is free of home-sale contingency (the “little detail” that caused the previous sale to abort).  There are typical inspection and appraisal requirements but it’s a deal we are happy about.  The timing is perfect and the price is acceptable – God knew both our emotional and financial limits.

This has been a 16 month process.  At many times it seemed unending.  But the house across the street from us was on the market for nearly 48 months.  The last couple to view our home told us they have been trying to sell their property for a whopping 60 months.  I truly  believe that the uniqueness of this property may be the feature that got us a deal in such a relatively short time in this market.

That being so, the good things about the deal don’t erase history.  We showed so many people through our school resulting in so many trips up and down the hormonal roller coaster that there is a part of us which is afraid to embrace the offer as reality.  But, reality it is — and it’s gradually sinking in.

So, up goes the countdown timer.  Won’t you count down the days with us?  After today you can find the timer at We Have A Buyer For Our House.

numeral 44

Counting Down from 44 days to close.

What do we do for 44 days?  Well, let me tell you, we have a few things on our to-do list.

Not least of which is re-jiggering our plans for the rest of the year. But more immediately…

We need to hang out  near Cudahy for a couple weeks.  The buyer has a right to inspect the property — so someone will need to let them into the building.  Whether or not the appraiser will need access to the building has yet to be seen.  When our son-in-law bought the building for his business he never showed anyone into the building at all.  How anyone can assess the value of the property without seeing it is beyond me but I never did understand real estate.

We are two and a half weeks until heading off to Elkhart for the floor / sofa install.  And we’ll probably head to TN and GA for the two weeks they are working on Journey.  From the time we are scheduled to get Journey back from Bradd & Hall there are only two weeks until closing.  So that will be time to get Journey loaded out, clean up the house for delivery to the buyer and get our act together for what we’re doing and where we’re going for the rest of our life.


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