Journey DL, Minimalism

Camping-World-logo-300x263Camping World still has our Journey. We spoke on the phone this morning. The satellite antenna is on the roof.  The problem with the Heart Panel has been diagnosed and it’s a simple, though not quick (in labor terms) fix.  Disconnect all the wires (batteries, inverter, charging system), allow the capacitors to completely discharge so that the panel, in effect, gets a re-boot, and put it all back together again. There are still a few small items on our hit list, plus, they are waiting for some parts from Winnebago. We might not get her back until late this week. For our convenience we might wait till next week.  At that rate we’ll have her back for about 3 weeks before we take the trip to Elkhart for the flooring and sofa install.  Small steps forward… but we are moving.


We’re hopefully waiting to hear about Friday’s showing.  Hopeful is a nice state of mind to be in, but we’ve been down this road before.  Being guardedly optimistic is good, but no showing is a sale until you have an offer to purchase.  So, tick, tick, tick…. we watch the second hand go ’round the clock face.  It seems a week is often the “buyer deliberation time” — so we could expect at least another 4 days of waiting.

prescription pad

Waiting not being our strong suite, we had to get out of the house; less to buy anything than to relieve tension.  We hopped in the CR-V and ran out to Johnson Creek.  We found some sunshine, the temps hit 60 out there (maybe here too for all I know) and we got back home before rush hour.

And I had my first experience with the new insurance company.  My pharmacist had to jump through some hoops (while I stood there feeling silly) but once she got done with the insurance people everything seems copiscetic and my net cost will be about the same as it had been with my COBRA. I swear:  Insurance is magic.  I don’t understand it; I don’t need to understand it; I’m just glad I have it.

It’s all good…….

Impatient Monday