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The 50 Dollar Baked Potato

Last evening we didn’t know what to prepare for dinner.  The first thing that popped out of Peggy’s mouth was, “Why not baked potatoes?”  only to be followed a few moments later by, “Oh, we don’t have a microwave [oven].”  Then she made a face.

We’d eaten a large lunch, weren’t all that hungry to begin with, and ended up having whole wheat pancakes instead.

The word “Microwave” hung in the air.

This morning it was still hanging there.

Mid morning Peg said to me, “Should we buy a microwave?”

I merely asked, “Do you want one?”  I have steadfastly resisted buying more stuff while we wait for the house to sell, if for no other reason than, what do we do with it when the house is sold?   An hour and several Google searches later we knew we could buy one, if we really wanted, for about 50 clams, samolians, or smackers.  But again…. DID WE WANT ONE?

We hopped in the car, drove 5 1/2 miles to Home Depot.  Along the way we saw a friend of ours walking her boarder’s dog to which she has claimed ownership (long story there involving family, young love and skittles).  Home Depot had countertop models for anywhere from $50 to $400.

Nah… for 400 smackeroos I don’t NEED a temporary microwave.

We drove 1/2 a mile further and pulled into the Walmart parking lot.  We got out, I reached for my phone and …. no phone.  Where’s the darned phone?  (expletives deleted).  Wife calls my phone — no ringing in the car, in the ears or anywhere.  Where have we been?

Back to Home Depot — check out parking spot there…. did I lose it on the way out of the car, or getting back in?  NO!

Back into car.  Drive back 5 miles to corner where we saw old woman and little dog.  AHHHHHH.  Sigh of relief.  There is phone, laying on ground, next to curb whimpering, “where’s my owner, where’s my owner?”  I pick up phone and pat it sympathetically, mumbling words of encouragement and consolation.  Wife stops frowning.

Drive back that same 5 miles to Walmart.  Inside to look for microwaves.  No brand we like, no price we like, but we find a small makeup mirror for Journey that we have been wanting.  Cost: $4.00 plus tax.

Hop into car again.  Drive 1/2 mile to Lowe’s.  Look for microwave.  Not much to choose from, nothing for as good a price as Home Depot.  Pursuit of microwave has now become merely an excuse to get exercise out in the cold.

Drive additional 7 miles to Menards in Hales Corners.  No satisfactory option available there. We decide if we find a microwave with the same features and the same or better price as at the Home Depot at any other store we’ll buy it.

Drive additional 5 miles to Home Depot in Hales Corners.  They have the same microwave we saw at the first stop.  But alas only in black, not in white.  First store has stock in White.  Salesman offers to let us pay for it in his store and pick up in Franklin.  Agreed.  Except, automated cash register won’t handle that tranaction — microwave is a clearance item.  Can’t pay and hold in another store.


By this time we’re hungry. Stop at favorite Thai restaurant:  Singha Thai for quick lunch. While eating lunch decide, if we head out of town early, we won’t get much use from said microwave.  Will wait to see if we have to return to Cudahy next fall.  If so will purchase microwave THEN!

So, now, I still can’t bake a potato in a microwave, but we had a $25.00 lunch, drove about 35 miles before we got home, and didn’t spend $50.00 for a microwave.  I’m not sure what we accomplished this morning other than having a good time, and driving in the rain.

Retirement sure is interesting.



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