Shredding Desperately To Stay Downsized

Keeping resolutions isn’t necessarily related to the New Year. This is my annual tax shredding season and it comes with a new Prime Directive:

Stay Downsized, While Waiting to Sell the House

Paper Shredder

One topic I’ve heard very little about from RV’ing bloggers is how they handle the paper trail.  After meeting with my new insurance agent and my old banker last week this subject has taken on a new sense of purpose.

The insurance agent doesn’t keep copies of applications! (for that matter you don’t even SIGN applications anymore!!!!)  That is SO not my way of thinking.  But it makes sense. With so much being done online paper copies create a needless waste of resources.

enter key

I stopped at the bank to make some changes in our depository agreement and there too:  no paper copies except those physically handed to the depositor for their perusal before hitting the big Enter Key.  Confidentiality, you know. And security.

Before we downsized I had the equivalent of 6 – 4 drawer filing cabinets.  (4 – 4 drawers, 1 2 drawer lateral which is the same size as a 4 drawer laid on its side, and 2 – 2 drawers)   That’s a lot of paper when they are all pretty much full up!

I had no problem getting rid of all that junk.  The problem arises now; keeping it all gotten rid of!

We’ve been here in Cudahy since mid October.  So that’s a measly 5 months.  In the five months we were on the road last year in Journey we managed to contain the paper-flood by scanning documents we needed to keep and then destroying them.  Since returning to Cudahy I’ve gotten lazy and piled them on the corner of my desk — literally.

Einstein at Work

I’m in good company — I know.  Einstein was a clutter-holic.  A lot of people I know are clutterholics.  I’m a clutterholic too! There’s nothing wrong with being a clutterholic as long as:

  1. you can find what you need
  2. you don’t burn down the house

The Iron Maiden — a torture device

Alas, Journey has no tolerance for clutter.  She refuses to open her walls even 1 cm beyond their design parameters.  She is the iron-maiden of my torture.

And so it is that I spent part of yesterday “Merrily we shred along,
shred along, shred along.
Merrily we shred along
All the live-long day.”

It wasn’t ALL day — but it seemed like it.  And I’m not done yet.  Of course sitting here writing my blog is a good way of delaying the inescapable.  🙂  I guess that’s my way of Jonse -ing (sp?)  Withdrawal is a bitch!

I do wonder what other RV’ers do for document retrieval, or just for tax purposes.  The scanner we carry allows me to turn documents into PDF’s.  Adobe Acrobat allows me to join PDF’s together so when I get newer statement (credit cards and bank) I can accumulate them all in one document if I choose — but it’s that dealing with the mundane that I’m not so good at.

I’ll get the hang of it. It’s not like I’m the only person in the world to struggle with document retention.  I admit that each time I deal with documents I wonder all over if there’s a better  way of handling them.   Which, of course, is really my problem!  I am always in pursuit of a better way.  And sometimes there is no better way.  You just do what you must.

Ok — off to run some errands in the cold.

Talk to you tomorrow.


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