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Deadlines Slip Past But Who Cares

Oh well… I didn’t finish my keywording project today. Some backing-up problems slowed me down over the last two days so I guess I’ll have a little continuing work at the beginning of the week.

A few days we were back to Milwaukee Public Market and I saw this coffee cake in the display case.  WoW!  Was I surprised at the memories seeing that overfilled coffee cake brought to mind!

I have commented before on how my dad worked rotating shifts.  One of the semi-regular surprises had to do with the morning my father began his monthly 4 days off on a Thursday morning. There was a local bakery about 6 blocks from our home at the time — a small hardware store that my parents owned for a few years.  The bakery was on Kinnickinnic Avenue and when they made a streusel topped, filled coffee cake they cut the cake in half (top and bottom) and then slathered it full with some sort of bakery filling.  Nowadays I suspect it was that cheap lard/powdered sugar based  stuff that gets used in way too many places but I’ll tell you, it sure didn’t taste cheap like that.  But then I was a growing boy in 1st or 2nd grade and at that age everything tasted good.  I probably would have eaten the waxed paper bag that the coffee cake arrived in.

I have not seen an overstuffed streusel coffee cake like that in years — literally.  They sell coffee cakes that are filled. They sell streusel coffee cakes.  But that over-stuffed look just isn’t common when I’m looking for them.  And I had oodles of memories of mom and dad and I sitting around the dining table and scarfing down pretty much the whole thing of a Thursday morning.


balloons.jpgWhile I’ve been working on keywords my dear wife is working on puzzles.  We went to Dollar Tree the other day and bought 4 new jigsaw puzzles.  For $1.00 each!  They aren’t all that hard and Peg’s been having fun with them.  That we will probably give them to Goodwill when we go mobile again is a given — but for a buck apiece it’s no loss.  We’ll have had our buck’s worth of fun already.

One of the puzzles she recently finished is one we borrowed from Michael’s parents — one of those new 3D puzzles.  This is the second or third that she has completed.  This is the first one she has enjoyed working.  Getting the hang of working in three dimensions for a two dimensional puzzle worker has been quite a project.  I’m not sure I would be very good at it.20130301-205315.jpg

I think Kathryn is coming over tomorrow to deliver some pictures for me to scan.  That will give me some projects to occupy me for the coming week.