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Wait and See

The second and third showings are done.  We did our part on Wednesday.  Now we wait to see what the prospective buyers do.

What can I say…

Two long showings — a good thing.  I have given up guessing whether the showing went well, or whether the prospect is a serious buyer, or seriously interested — my “gut” feelings for people seem to be challenged when it comes to buying and selling.  There was a lot of measuring and drawing going on, in addition to copious question asking and note taking.


The rest of the day was OK.  We went back to Royal India for lunch in between showings; there are not many buffets with strong vegetarian choices but this is one, and it’s near the school.

We also went looking for rug binding tape to finish up the rug Peg completed.  That was an exercise in futility. Michael’s stores didn’t have what we wanted.  Hancock Fabric drew a blank as well. Hancock has completely remodeled their store and we could not find a thing.  It’s easy to tell how difficult the economy has been; their product lines are vastly altered. By the time we left the store we needed to get back to the school for the second showing.  We are still searching for a solution.  We might try JoAnn Fabrics — the store right near the school — might have better luck there.

Gas prices have been on a wild roller coaster here.  in the last week they went up $0.50, and then down by $0.10 — it would be nice to know what’s going on.

And at the same time the new congress still hasn’t done anything about the fiscal cliff — looks like all our elected politicians wanted was a paycheck, and not a job.

Oh well…. I gotta go turn off all the lights in the house now.  The last showing is finally over and there are about 25 light switches to hit before I take my shoes off, and put my feet up so I can enjoy a nice glass of wine.

Talk to you tomorrow.


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