Progress on the RV Front

That title applies literally!  The TV has been installed in Journey‘s lounge (the front of the coach)!  🙂  Michael did a whiz bang job.  We were at Journey for an hour or so to make the final fitting adjustments and get the assembly mounted in place.

Mike put in a nice lower storage compartment to reclaim some of the space made available because the LCD unit is so much lighter and smaller than the old CRT TV.


It all fits snugly and matches the unit he made for the bedroom in the rear.  I am happy with the whole project and now that this part of the job is completed I can get on with my other projects.  We are replacing the old Antenna amplifier switch with a new Winegard Sensa-Pro unit.  We are also replacing the DVD player; except I have to FIND that.  (It’s stored away someplace at Kathryn and Mike’s place)

Journey's New TV's

Tomorrow we’ll wander over to the kids’ place with packing tape, magic markers and paper.   We’ll unload all the boxes from their storage places, open them all, inventory them and repack.  That way when we do return to Milwaukee in the future we’ll be able to find things we might need at the time.  And in the process we’ll also find the DVD player (I hope)  and also my calculator which I firmly believe we did not sell (but I’ve been proven wrong on such assumptions on the past).


The other interesting result today was the return from Rand McNally of our GPS unit.  The repair to the sound system has returned the unit to like-new state and I’ll be happy to have it back for the next trip out of town.

All of this came on a good day.  Waiting has been wearing on me today.  It was good to have results to overcome the tedium.

That’s about it for now,

Talk to you tomorrow.


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