Catch Up Day

computer-repair1I hope to get caught up on a few things today.  Sunday was a quiet day for us; not much accomplished other than working on my MacPro tower.  Still many hours of file moving and sorting to be done, but that’s all boring stuff.

I keep forgetting to call Rand McNally about my RVND7720 about the internal speaker that is wonky.  I’m hoping that it’ll get fixed under the warranty. Of course that probably means a visit to FedEx….


I need to get on the horn and talk to our R/E agent. There are papers to fill out so we can get this thing moving.  And bye the bye, we  discovered two little repairs needing doing that I complete before we start showing again.

By the Way….

Going grocery shopping the afternoon of the Super Bowl is less of a challenge than I expected.  We’ve done that before, but I think we were closer to the start time of the game on the last visit.  This year we showed up about noon and while there weren’t huge numbers of grocery shoppers there were way more MEN doing the shopping than normal.  And a lot more charcoal being bought (In February) than one might expect.  🙂

elementary-showWe skipped most of the Big Game, tuning in for part of the 4th quarter — not so much because we wanted to watch football but because they were running a new episode of Elementary right afterwards.  Turns out right afterwards wasn’t all that early!

I’m amazed at how much this new version of Sherlock has grown on me.  I didn’t care much for the first episode, I watched it mostly to see what Lucy Lui has been up to lately.  For all his idiosyncrasies this new version of Sherlock has something going for him.

The show does have me wondering though.  It seems that the likes of Sherlock and House might be signalling the rise of a new anti-hero — the hero with major character flaws — on a scale that seems to dwarf prior historic examples of fictional characters.  It also makes me wonder why so many entertainment projects involve the re-make of other successful theatrical franchises.  Movies remade three and four times, TV series borrowed from other countries,  series spinoff that imitate others.  Creativity really is hard to find.  There are a lot of schlock-meisters, but not a lot of geniuses. Oh well….


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