Old Dog New Tricks

mexican food signAs a lifelong Midwesterner with strong Eastern European leanings the idea of spending a lot of time in the South is exciting.  But….


Yeah, there are “but’s” to everything….

And I’m wondering what does a guy who’s eaten stroganoff and goulash and pierogi and pigs in a blanket all his life do when he’s surrounded by corn tortillas, beans, menudo and cabrito?  I’ve been pondering this for some time now.

Historically we don’t eat a lot of rice. We do eat rice, but we eat a lot more pasta than rice.  We do eat beans, but more commonly it’s baked beans, or white bean soup,  not refried beans, or pintos or black beans.

I love bread, but when I say that it means I love leavened bread.  When I say bread I’m never thinking of tortillas.  Just saying.

Barbacoa de borregoI use a lot of cayenne and peppers; I don’t use jalapeños or serranos.  I like them well enough, and I like heat in my food — but my recipe repertoire simply never included them.

I’ve been wondering what I should start cooking to “prepare” my new recipe book for retirement in the S.W. It’s a quandry.  We have a significant Hispanic population in Milwaukee, and several very nice Hispanic grocery outlets — but when I walk the aisles I’m a bit at a loss about what to try.  I love the wider variety of produce and access to some of the offal that is harder to find in mainstream Midwestern groceries. But walking the aisles I draw a blank when I think about what I should buy for the next week’s menu.


I’ll figure this out.  I’m sure I will.  We should probably visit a lot more Mexican restaurants ( snicker – sounds like a good excuse to eat out a lot, doesn’t it? ).  That way we’ll expand our repertoire of tastes and maybe even learn some recipes.  Kathryn (our daughter) has found a place here in town that she really likes, Guanajuato. She thinks it’s authentic and tasty.  We have yet to make it to the place to find out.




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