Old Diary

An Early Closure (not real estate)

Winter Cometh on Apace….

Right now all we’re getting is rain, since last evening.  Our high for tomorrow is only 34, so we could be getting the same things that the folks up in Wabasha MN are getting.  Snow.  Cold, fluffy, snow.  They’re looking for an accumulation of 6″-10″, right now we aren’t looking for any — and that’s the report of the weather service.  If I had my way we’d never get any more but than I am winter-phobic.

It seems early for snow closings, but I guess it isn’t.  This year I dont have as much on my mind as I usually do, so maybe it just SEEMS sooner.

Yet, life doesn’t stop and there are things to be done — in spite of the fact that I didn’t get many of them done TODAY! I’ve not been sleeping well; too many things on my mind I guess.  So last night I took some Tylenol PM.  I really oppose meds not specifically prescribed by my physician but after enough nights of poor sleep it’s time to do something about it.  The reason I comment on it is that whenever I take the stuff the next day I’m good for nothing.  It’s like my brain is on vacation.

So, when I looked in the corner where my desk sits and mentally tried to map out an alternative placement in the room we live in I had a (not so) bright idea (as it turns out).  I thought moving the desk to a different placement might work better.  But alas the desk is not an easy thing to move, and it is oversized making the move even more difficult. This desk was here when we moved in.  It’s 72 x 39 and all steel except for the writing surface which is something akin to linoleum I suspect — softer than ideal for a desktop because it indents quite easily with the shape of anything heavy laid upon it.

The two of us dragged the thing 20 feet.  We positioned it in various angles, alignments, and configurations (there being computer, graphic tablet, four hard drives, uninterruptible power source and desk lamp all involved.  No matter what we did, nothing fit right.  So, guess what…. We moved all that junk back to where it came from.  None the happier.  We talked over other places to put it.  We talked over other places to put our bed.  I packaged up a couple things that were cluttering the room.  But in the end, I’m right back where I started — still not awake.

Oh well….  Every day doesn’t have to see great progress.  I guess in this case, some days are just for relaxing.