Kite Flying in the Fog

What to say about yesterday….

I think this iPhone shot from yesterday is a pretty good summary of my mood anyway.  Flying kites in the fog is a bit of futility when you can’t really see your kite. And that’s kind of what this week has been like.  Mike has been trying to reach the recent buyer prospect with no luck.  I’m beginning to think nothing will come of our enthusiasm for yet another possible buyer — but that’s what selling houses is like.  But, it might be time to move on to the next plan in the list of alternative plans. 🙂

On a positive note, we got our annual Christmas wreath from Michael and Kathryn.  Mike makes them up every year for their dozen closest friends and this years is beautiful as always.


This last month and a half has been crazy.  Out of 6500 sq ft in the school I don’t think we’ve actually been using much more than a similar 230 sq ft like we have in Journey.  Our kitchen here in the school is 220 sq ft all by itself.  In fact, there isn’t a single room in the portion of the school we have used as residence that is LESS than 220 sq ft.  What little furniture we have, or have bought recently doesn’t actually fill any of the rooms.

But by choice I’ve been cooking on our single burner induction hob.  I have broken down a few times to use the oven but I find that after 4 months in Journey that the induction burner is really as much as I need, and the temperature selection is so much more precise than the twirly dial on the electric stove.

We do have the “luxury” here of having the big shower and our washer and drier so we don’t have to go to a laundromat or walk over to the central shower house as we might at a state or federal campground.  But it’s still like living in a half-empty apartment.  We can do it;  it’s just weird.  Specially for a couple who tend to believe in FILLING a space with things.

I guess Mike is coming back over tomorrow to start work on remodeling Journey‘s entertainment centers.  I got out and purchased two TV mounting brackets today.  So, I’m ready for him when he’s ready.

We also got out for a drive and puttered off to Lake Geneva and then to Delavan.  While in Delavan (it being after 2 pm) we stopped for a quick bite at Elizabeth’s diner. It’s a nice little locally owned family restaurant on the main street of town.  And while we were there we stopped past the the house that we really liked when we were looking for this place.  We ended up here at the school, but this lovely setting and unique house was surely calling our name.  I’ll never understand why the built it without a basement — but there you go…..


It looks a lot more expensive than it was.


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