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The Almosts of Life

We all have them, don’t we? Those “almosts” of life. The times when our life didn’t change by the space of a cat’s whisker….

Peg and I have had them.  Without a doubt!

  • There was the time we almost bought a sailboat.  We were standing in the dealer’s showroom with my checkbook out and the check half written — and I changed my mind.
  • There was the job in Ottumwa Iowa that I almost too — and the apartment to go along with it.
  • And the Locksmith business that we almost bought.

Yeah — we’ve had our share of them.

I came across these snapshots from the early 80’s and was reminded of the old “mill” that we thought about buying.  If you think that our school is a strange place to live you would have flipped over the mill.  It was a pre-1900 water operated grain mill that had fallen into… should I say it… “disrepair”.  Plenty of room for a studio — but no customers.  The mill was located creekside in Neshkoro Wisconsin.  Some of the old workings remained but the building itself need huge amounts of work.  I am incredibly glad that we came to our senses and passed on that ‘good buy.”

I’m sure that in the future there will be more of them.  The park we didn’t go to that had the tornado or some such event.  Hopefully we’ll be fortunate and make the right choices along the way.  But looking back at the really stupid things that you almost did can be fun.


2 thoughts on “The Almosts of Life

    • Diane,
      It really IS amazing. Specially if they kind of gang up on you — meaning that you’ve gone on a while without reflecting on how your life might have been different and then you get into a reflective mood and all of a sudden you realize you might have turned into someone quite different!
      Have a great day…


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