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Bing, Bang, Bong Recreation Area

What a gorgeous day!  Mid 50’s in the middle of November — I’ll not shake my patutie at that, for sure.

We got off to a slow start today.  Peggy was making up for a couple nights of poor sleep; I was getting caught up on RV blogs that I follow.  After a leisurely breakfast — cheese omelets — we headed South to the Richard Bong Recreation Area — or State Park — depending on who you talk to and which sign you read.

We’ve never explored this park very much but when we visited early this year to buy our State Parks vehicle permit we did so at Bong and were very well impressed.  Today was a good chance to explore a little.  I was very surprised at what a nice park has come from an abandoned military base.  And they have nice campsites — though not many with electric, and not many that our short (32′) Journeywill fit into when we are towing the CR-V.

I should mention that it’s hunting season here, I guess they are duck hunting, maybe goose too.  At any rate, my wife HATES guns, and the report of gunshots all around did not maker her happy — but it didn’t stop her from getting in her walk!!!!! Good for Her!!!

We did a short walk, checked out the park and headed back towards Milltown.

On the way home we stopped off at Walmart (not my favorite store) to pick up the second TV that we needed for the conversion of our analog TV system in Journeyto digital.  Their buy online — pickup at store program gives the best compromise between price and convenience.


While there I was struck by the reality of why Walmart pays their employees such low wages.  I was awestruck by how many workers were standing around with nothing to do.  I don’t usually pay much attention to Walmart employees — I don’t much like shopping at Walmart — most of the time I would prefer dealing with local owned and private retailers.  But I have learned one thing in our brief 4 months of RV mobility:  for all the negatives about dealing with a huge chain they are a business that values the RV customer. There are a lot of towns around the country where you cannot legally park a vehicle over 25′ long without risking a ticket.  Walmart not only allows RV’s (and trucks) on their lot, but actually courts our business.  For this purchase I checked the local retailers and other national chains and ended up buying from them.

But I digress. I was truly struck by how little work the company was getting from it’s employees.  It’s been a good ten years since I’ve had employees of my own and I have to say that I would never have tolerated so little production out of employees.  And I have been thinking (with no regard to Walmart or any specific employer) about how life has changed since I had employees.  There were no cell phones and Internet issues then.  If you paid someone for 40 hours of work you could expect the employees to actually give you something close to that much work.  There were so many cell phones in use by employees that I have to believe they aren’t getting 40% of the work they are paying for.  I’m glad I’m out of that world now.

Tomorrow we head off to Kathryn’s in-laws for a Thanksgiving brunch  — a lot of grazing I expect — and I hate to admit I’m looking forward to some dessert.  I guess I’m having sugar cravings…..

Vizio TV

The TV we bought for Journeyis another Vizio.

It’s our second Vizio.  I am quite happy with what they are.  And I am amazed at how light these new TV’s are — now that cathode ray tubes are gone. It’s amazing.

The people at Winnebago wanted to put a 32″ unit in the lounge but Peggy and I both didn’t want a set that large.  Plus we wanted the TV to set INSIDE of the existing housing instead of sitting proud of the cabinet.  With this unit it will be large enough for easy viewing in our small lounge, as well as compact enough to mind it’ manners with regard to not consuming unnecessary space.

Among those RV blogs I follow is one written by a chap who has been quite happy living in a 27′ Chinook (I think).  But after several years of getting around the country in that he’s considering downsizing even further — moving back into a VW vanagon.  I don’t think Peg and I will ever go smaller than this 32′ unit.  We thought a lot about what we want/need out of life and for US the 32′-er is about as small as we can go without losing things we want.  We have yet to upgrade her with more solar power — and I suspect that our earliest trip to Central Oregon will see us put her into the shop to get solar panels installed along with additional battery power.  But that is under the category of:  “One of these days”  or “Soon Come.”

I guess that’s it for now.

Cheers, and talk to you tomorrow.


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