Curtains, Curtains, Everywhere…

As is often the case, just when you think you’re done with something, a new project crops up.  Thus it is with life on Ramsey Avenue.

For six years we have lived with sort of crummy looking curtains in the lower East room, mostly because we don’t use that room very much.  In the lower West room we put 2″ slat blinds because I used that space as a studio from time to time.  But the East room just sort of sat there.

But Peg wants to do “something” about the crummy drapes…

Nieither of us was all that ambitious this morning and in fact I’m not sure if Peg even got fully alert until lunch time.  But the morning was all about “What to do about drapes?”  In the grand scheme of things I find this whole fix-the-house-up-for-the-next-buyer concept to be rather wasteful and on some levels even insulting.  Heck — WE bought the house in much worse shape than it’s in now.  Why are we putting all this effort into a grand building that another owner is going to use very differently than we used it?  Our idea of decorating may be horrible to them.  Or their idea of decorating may be horrible to us.  I’m not good at selling and buying — and some of the psychology of sales completely eludes me.  But that doesn’t mean that I still don’t get my nose out of joint.  If we lived with it for 6 yrs why are we fixing it up for someone who may turn around and trash all the effort we just put into the building.  I dont know — that’s why we hired a real estate agent.  I just don’t get it.

But then…. we saw a diamond in the rough when we saw this building.  I’m just hoping we find someone else with a sense of the future and a good imagination.

Anyway… we have had this basement window conversation before and we have looked at curtains and drapes before.  Never have we found anything that appealed to either or both of us. Over the last few days we’ve made a couple scouting trips: Anna’s Linens, Walmart, Kohls, and finally today Target.  Finally we found a solution we both liked and we now have our basement curtains.  We need to do some sewing.  We bought longer panels and Peg will cut them in half for the shorter windows, then put in rod-pockets and hems.  That means we have to borrow Melanie’s sewing machine.

Oh, this whole downsizing mess….. Stuff we had for 40 years and knew how to use we no longer have and are re-learning all sorts of things.  But, at least we live in a safe country, with enough food on the table (too much even), and our health with our family nearby.

And that, my friends is my rant for today.  TTYL,


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