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Day 4 – Edisto, Tybee, Savannah

Night number 2, as usual, got us all a better night’s sleep. We packed up and hit the road about 9 a.m.. That gave us time to stop at a local Waffle House for breakfast.

The chain isn’t anything special, but they ARE a southern tradition. The skies were still overcast from the night when we finished eating but as the day progressed so did the clearing and by the end of the day we were in full sun with whispy clouds.

Edisto Beach wasn’t much to see, but it was something we had to do. We just wanted to see where Leonard and Shirley had spent all those years. It’s hard to visualize what the island might have been like 30+ years ago, and today it’s not easy to find places that are still as untouched as Edisto was when they moved there. But, we enjoyed the visit anywhere; walked the beach a little and breathed in the salt spray.

Near Beaufort SC we bought gas for…. wait for it….

$2.86/ gal

That’s the lowest this trip.

In Savannah we hit the city’s tourist information center first, and then drove out to Tybee Island for a second look at the ocean so that we could basically put the car away for the next couple days.

On the way back from Tybee and on our way to Pooler, GA  for the night we stopped for a bite at Uncle Bubba’s Oyster Bar.  Kathryn had surprised me earlier in the trip by trying fried oysters.  We had discussed stopping here because they had chargrilled oysters, and with our daughter being fussy about TEXTURE I thought that char grilling might make them more palatable.  But seeing as she liked the ones she had we decided to get an order anyway, and we split that three ways.  Add some Conch fritters to the appetizer list and we were off to a good start.  For mains the girls had scallops in two different versions.  I went the route of crab cakes and everyone was happy.  Katy would have liked anything after a Tybee Tea with peach rum, lemonade and soda.  After a piece of pecan pie we headed on up to our motel.  (Make sure you call it PEE KAN, not pee kaan as I was corrected by the waiter — a Tennesseean).

On Wednesday — today — we’ll probably do a tour of town; I’d like Katy to hear the history of Savannah as well as to see it. Sometime while we are in town we want to do Wormsloe a former Georgian plantation.  While we are in town we need to stop at Kevin Barry’s Irish Pub.  That was Peggy’s first ever pub experience; nostalgia seems to rule this trip.

I guess that is about it for now.

Talk to ya tomorrow.


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