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Day 2 – Charleston, SC

A much more relaxed drive today.  Sort of.

We took advantage of the hotel’s continental breakfast. Don’t know why but I’m a sucker for those cook them yourself waffles!  A little cream cheese or peanut butter on a fresh malted waffle and I’m ready to do battle with dragons.  But no cream cheese. 😦

With only 350 miles for the day we got a later start, (9:00 a.m.), just took it easy. So easy that we mad a wrong turn and didn’t realize it until we’d driven 15 miles out of our way (West instead of SE).  The weather started out foggy and degraded as we drove until we were in a steady drizzle.  That didn’t stop us from getting out and taking pictures.  But we did get wet. 🙂

We’ve been enjoying back recordings of the Radio Lab podcasts.  Learning is so much fun; and learning about the most unexpected topics at that.  If you are unfamiiliar with RadioLab, check ’em out.

Around Asheville NC we ran into heavy traffic — bumper to bumper traffic.  We got off the road and went to French Fryz for lunch ( Katy had a Black and Blue burger, Peg had a black bean veggie burger, and I had a green chile cheeseurger — we shared onion rings and sweet tater fries — and pumpkin milk shakes.

By the time we hit the SC border the weather was clearing, the rain went away and the sun came out to play.  By the time we hit Columbus the temp hit 70 and we were happy….. at least we found warm weather.

Dinner found us at Shem Creek Bar & Grill, in Mount Pleaant SC, just across the bridge from Charleston.  For all the seafood I’ve eaten I’ve never had shrimp and grits, so while I would normally choose something else I decided to go for that — and it was very good.  Peg went for the Damned Good Crab Cakes and while she said they were very good she never gave me a taste { 😦  }.  Kathryn hasn’t had as much seafood and tonight was her night to shine. She ordered what was called the Shem Creek Saute, which was clams, mussels, and scallops served with a tasty broth over fettucine — with Fried Oysters on top.  Her first time for mussels, scallops, and oysters and she dug everything but the mussels.

We’ll be in Charleston for 2 nights.  Today we do a leisurely look around town.  Tomorrow we  are off to Savannah via Edisto Beach, SC – for a look at the town my aunt and uncle lived in for 20+ years.  (So? We’re nosey ‘Nuf Said. )

Talk to ya tomorrow…..


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