A Good Day for Pie

20121023-151031.jpgTuesday was a great day for pie, which is to say, a great day to break our diet.  It was a frustrating day waiting to hear from our R/E person.

I got the oil changed in the CR-V.

I finished my most recent read:  Sanders, The Fourth Deadly Sin.  Now I’m on to The Sixth Commandment, also a Sanders Oeuvre. I have a few more on the shelf to finish before I move on to some other author, and I’ve been enjoying the quirks of Edward X. Delaney who is the mainstay of the “Sin” series.

Peg has started Pre-packing.  Which is shorthand for making sure enough clothes are laundered in advance of putting them into suitcases.

And we popped over to Honeypie (in Bayview, close to Michael & Kathryn’s residence)  for dessert and coffee. Peg had Butter Pecan pie — a new one on me, and I had pumpkin cream pie — also a new one on me.  Both were scrumptious.  And Honeypie’s coffee is also really good, and really strong.

Today is my visit with Dr Spears-Barnett.  Just a routine 6 month medication re-up, but getting close to the 65 yr mark I’ve been trying to figure out how to schedule doctors’ visits most efficiently so as to control out of pocket expenses before hitting Medicare age.  I’ll have a chat with her about how to schedule the next 16 months in light of travel plans.  Just another of those little details that come along with reaching retirement age.


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