Travel Plans – The Year of the Mississippi

Iteration #1

(knowing that life isn’t scripted)

We have sort of decided that this is going to be The Year of the Mississippi

We were forced into staying close to Milwaukee because of the R/E transaction.  But we’ve concluded a deal to have the house maintained and shown so now we are free to give some thought to our plans for the next few months.

Some very vague plans early on have us sort of hovering between Clinton Iowa and Hudson Wisconsin for a couple months — those plans and reservations have been in place for a while and we will not change them.

From Mid August we are planning to head a little further North and up into to Minnesota forest country.  After Labor Day we will gradually start working our way South along The Mississippi with the season. We will plan on stopping in St Louis — I want to make a stop at the Gardens there when the Lantern Festival has ended.  I’m sure we’ll find a lot of interesting things and places to visit but by late fall we expect to have made it to Southern LA.

Whether we will winter in LA or TX has yet to be determined — heck, it’s just the 2nd or 3rd day of Summer.  But at least a sort of plan is forming.

The pins aren’t necessarily where we will be staying, but they do give an idea of our intent, if not our actual route.


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