78 Days – Doggie Rescue Day

Aside from a case of inspection jitters our walk yesterday turned out to be a Good Samaritan’s delight.

Doggie Rescue

We were walking along Lake Drive near the Lake Park Shore condos when a woman walking three dogs approached us.  She asked if we could do her a favor, which meant that she didn’t have her cell phone with her and needed to make a call.  She was in fact only walking two dogs. The third dog was one she had found along her walk, wandering aimlessly along the path (the dog was wandering, not the woman).  Maxie — the dog — had a collar with a phone number on it.  Maxie wasn’t too keen on any of us three getting too close to her — although he allowed the woman to carry his leash — but we did finally get the number sorted, dialed it, and wonderful to hear Maxie’s owner on the other end of the line huffing and puffing and slightly out of breath!

It took about ten minutes for us to reunite Maxie and mom; mom was herself walking two other dogs.  These were not as friendly as Maxie’s Finder’s doggies, but amid growls and leash pulling the lead was exchanged, the owners were all matched up with their proper pups and the little party of 9, (5 dogs and 4 humans) all went their respective ways. How fun.

Inspection Update

The inspection came off as planned, though I was a little surprised to see 4 people in four different cars drive into the parking lot for the inspection.  Turns out home inspections have changed.  When we did our last home inspection the inspector came, wrote up a report and sent it to us.  Nowadays I guess the inspector, buyers, and sometimes agents too all show up, and the inspection turns into more of a condition report along with suggested maintenance and remodeling suggestions confab.

In any event they were all here for about 2 hours; we heard more thumps and bumps and dragging ladders than we have ever heard here — mostly because in the past it would have been US doing the noise making instead of listening to someone else do it!  It sounded really funny to hear people in the attic over the office — I’ve never been here with someone walking on my head before — brings back memories of….. 72nd street which is about the only place I ever heard people walking on my head in a house I lived in.  (Motels aside)

I had a chat with the buyers’ agent after the inspection; he seemed happy with the results. We talked a little about any possibility of an earlier closing and he did say that the buyers are very excited about the house, they would like to close sooner but are as yet unsure if that can/could happen.  They will be reevaluating the asking price on their house and they are offering real estate agents a bonus to get a deal on their house.  Sounds like the available repo’s are really killing them in Eagle.  So, fingers crossed and pass the ammunition….. (some of you may be too young to catch the allusion).

We had planned on pork chops and scalloped ‘taters for dinner but the inspection put both our stomachs on high alert.  Instead we ended up at Amelia’s and had fish.


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