Rendezvous Spots

This was going to be a public post — but the people who saw the building today have been checking our website and don’t want to queer anything…. will make this public again after we find out of anything is gonna happen with them.


Where will we go when we are finally mobile?

I haven’t been asking myself that question; but it may be time to start.

We are still taking R/E showings, but we do have some active interest and the seasons they are a changin’.  We weren’t willing to invest time in trip planning for one important reason.  The time of year we depart Milwaukee will hugely impact Journey’s  first heading out of Miltown with us on board destined to the future.

I’m a quick trip planner; I don’t need weeks or months to plan, and it’s not like we have reached this age without goals.


Leaving Milltown at the end of the winter or leaving at the middle of summer would make for very different maiden voyages.

We haven’t been able to consider short trips thus far because of the weather; Journey has gotten her monthly exercise and that’s about it.  We quickly learned that the disadvantage of owning a school is that people interested in buying a school are not equally skilled in spatial orientation:  in other words when we did a couple un-escorted showings the buyers got lost and didn’t see important features of the building.  So…. not wanting to miss showings has meant that we also didn’t want to be far out of Milwaukee.  Our limit has been, “close-enough-to-get-back-in-time.”

If we can get an offer turned into a deal our situation changes dramatically.  We figured out that the timing for home inspections is usually within the first two weeks of an agreement on terms.  And, Triko says she needs three weeks start to finish for the estate sale.  So, any closing date beyond about 5 weeks means we have the option to get Journey out of storage and do a shakedown cruise or two.

We’re talking with a couple about a July closing, but all the details aren’t worked out yet and that date is further out than we’d like but as the old saying goes, “beggars can’t be choosers.”  We’ll see how this all works out.

Our original idea, (when we were dreaming we’d be out of Milltown during the winter) had been to head South first and then West to San Diego.  If we depart in the summer we’ll most likely head Northwest or straight West.  Part of us would like to stop by and see Fred and Lisa in the not too distant future.   Kathryn has put in her request for Arches National Monument. So, when the time is close and we can make plans without having to change them three or four times we’ll make some decisions.  Until, it’s loosey-goosey time.


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