Do you remember the accountant cliche image?  Green visor, and sleeve garters?  That’s how I feel today.

Accountant_fullI have always hated accounting;  money has never been something that motivated me, and counting it has never been anything I enjoyed.  Considering how much of my working life I was self employed that may seem an odd statement, but to be honest, I have always dealt with the accounting, and tax, and reporting part of my life with a more hate/hate attitude than a love/hate frame of mind.

Being retired about 4 1/2 months now I’m still re-jiggering my process.  I went to online bill paying as soon as M&I / BMO offered it.  I love the idea that they will not only write my checks, but also mail them and pay postage — all without cost to me.  Almost all  of my bills get paid online;  I write checks for my vehicle registrations, and family gifts — and that’s about it.  A few months ago I actually paid my water bill in person and it turned out that the check I wrote that day was the next check in line from the one I’d written FOUR MONTHS PRIOR — also to the City of Cudahy.  Check printers don’t make any money on me.

I put my new accounting system in Filemaker and I’m quite happy with it.  I’m a died in the wool Mac user and Quicken isn’t available in a suitable MAC version so I had fun a few months ago writing my on DB program for bills and such.  I’d like not to feel like that proverbial accountant with green visor and sleeve garters.  But I’m not sure I ever will.

The unexpected effect of all this was that I finally hooked my Gmail Account / Google Calendar up so that I get calendar notifications through my normal Mac Mail.  So, that was an added benefit to doing my bookkeeping today .

We have another showing on Saturday. My agent is optimistic about this one — so we are eagerly awaiting the middle of tomorrow afternoon.  This will be number 8.  I finally heard back about the results of #7, and I was right — they were just lookey loo’s.  The feedback forms do indicate that our pricing on the building is pretty reasonable — so I’m happy about that. 

gardenofedenPeg is working on another Jigsaw puzzle — The Garden of Eden, and it is a real bear!  The artwork uses a sketch like pen/pencil stroke on a lot of the characters and any idea of sorting the pieces by color or any other way proved to be futile.  But my dear puzzle-loving wife is having a ball; even if it be a frustrating ball. 🙂

She’ finally finished it, finding she’s short two pieces from a puzzle she never did before, and has started yet another. I could say she’s a cheap date…. but nah…. won’t do that. 🙂

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  1. Yup — we’re trying to just sit back and not get too worked up about anything — disappointment is harder than waiting — but you know how much we wanna get on with life.
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