Computer Housekeeping

A feeling of accomplishment

I suppose if I told someone that over the last two days I threw away almost 30,000 images they would gasp and say, but what about all your work?

Fact of the matter is, I am always slow to throw images away until I’m sure they aren’t something I might not go back to for an edit I never considered at the time I shot the image.  So, I always have images I should have thrown away long ago.

Retirement has put a different twist on my life and I know that with both losing the studio and travel that I really need to downsize not only physical possessions but also intellectual ones.  I recently sold off much of my personal library; and now I’ve managed to reduce the quantity of images-to-work-on-some-day.  I could not have done this a few months ago.  Now, it seems the most natural thing on earth.

I saved all the good stuff. I kept plenty of raw material to work on if I want. Also, I plan on shooting more images for a goodly long time to come — so it’s not like I wont have anything to do while we are tooling around in the RV, when that day arrives.

The most significant part of the last two days has been remembering the absolutely wonderful women who have posed for me.  I still have male images to cull through, but comparatively I have always done very few male shoots.  I came across images that to this day I remember creating — years later.  Sometimes little lighting problems aren’t so little, or a model doesn’t have something we thought we were going to feature.  For example, one gal who envied pictures of models with a big booty kept after me for almost an hour while we worked on poses and lighting that made her look like she had a larger posterior — not usually something people want to do.  But little oddities like that were my daily life for a good

number of years and in some ways I’ll miss that. I have had wonderful people to work with over time.

I’m glad to minimize my digital storage problems.  My desktop ‘puter is chockablock full with 4 Terrabytes of storage, I freed up considerable storage now and that means I won’t have to have quite as much carry-along-backup with me in the RV.

None of that means anything to most of you but it’s all part of the process of downsizing for life in the RV.  A person may not consider all the little details that will go into a major life change like chucking all your possessions to go gallavanting around the country-side.  I know that Peggy and I discussed what we would have to do for a good long time before committing to the RV and the RV lifestyle we hope to be entering in upon shortly; but neither of us really ticked off all the mental boxes that were going to need downsizing.  We both thought a month of getting the house ready and we’d be golden.  Well, one month took three.  More than that actually, but the first three months of retirement were pretty completely devoted to the process.  Now we’ve spent a month working on images — getting rid of some, working on others, arranging what to take with us, and how to carry it.

Gradually, all the bits and bobs of life are falling into place. And we wait patiently on finding the right buyer for this grand old building.  They’re out there; and while we wait we have plenty to do.


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