Oh Goody, Another Showing!

So, what’s the deal?

We have our 6th house showing today. (a good thing)

And we seem to have our showings on the worst-of-several-day’s-weather days?  (What is it about inclement weather that brings out home buyers?  Or at least brings them to our door?)

At least it is bringing them to our door!  No complaints on that account.

Friends of mine who also have just retired went through this showing drill a total of 33 times before getting the offer that sold their home.  To be more accurate, they had 33 showings before getting their first offer on the house.  We hope not to break their record.

I guess I’m going to start a batch of bread in another hour — so that the house smells good and bakery-ish by 1:00 pm.  I also put a little grapefruit essential oil on the baseboards in two rooms to give them that clean citrus’y scent.  Hope it helps.

Yesterday I finished recopying a trip journal from our ’97 trip to Maine, Nova Scotia, and the Gaspé.  It was fun looking back 15 years. I was also reminded of how my own writing style has changed over the years. I took out a bunch of redundancy and indirect English.

I need some sunshine. This is the best I can do today….


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