Pizza For Dinner After Sherlock

No time for a full 5-hour dough last night, but that didn’t hold us back from a Pizza Adventure. Onion, Black Ollive, and Swiss Cheese….. Yum Oh!

Speaking of food.  I think I’m going to publicly shame myself into losing weight.

At the moment I am 10lbs below my peak weight (ugh) and I’m back to getting on the scale every day.  So, out of fear that I’ll have to be accountable and post my daily progress I’m going to start doing just that.  I’ll try to remember to post the results of the day, and the net (loss) or gain.  I’d like to be 12 lbs lighter before I see the Dr. in 6 weeks. Not sure that is going to happen, but I’ll gonna work on it.

Weight today: -0.25lb.
Total loss: 11lbs

One of our goals for retirement, and some incentive in the whole RV’ing idea was to get healthier:  both losing weight and getting what I have into better shape.  Given my abhorrence of COLD that is also going to require some milder winters — but one step at a time I guess.

We went to see the New Sherlock Holmes movie yesterday.  Another Matinee. I love being retired!

Peg and I had different reactions to it.  She thought it was the best Sherlock she’s seen.  Particularly in that it was not a “dark” movie — meaning the actual photography not the story.  I thought there were too many special effects; particularly the glimpses into the minds of both Holmes and Moriarty — when the character anticipates the playing out of physical combat.  That means that we get to see the fight scenes twice: once in slo-mo anticipation (while the viewer is told what to look for) and a second time in real time when the viewer gets to see if the actors did what they thought was going to happen.  To me it’s just a hokey trick, but hey — maybe that’s what people need nowadays — to be told what to look for?  Dunno.

The story was a little confusing, but not as bad as Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.  I admit that I’m getting a bit tired of seeing men in 3 day beards,  just don’t get the appeal — either shave or grow a beard for Pete’s sake.  We both thought the movie was worth having seen — though not something we’ll be in a hurry to re-visit.

Now we have to decide whether to see We Bought a Zoo or wait for it comes out on TV. I suspect it will make the transition to the little screen in short order.  Frankly, that’s more of our sort of movie than the last two have been.

Which brings me to my weird site of the day (not that I have been accumulating weird sites…).  Have you checked out, Only in this age is there a website to tell you when during the theater run of a movie has a safe time to go pee — without missing anything of great importance to the plot.  Go Figure. I never thought that would be something worthy of a website.

As I write I’m waiting for the second raise of today’s batch of white/whole wheat/oatmeal bread. Yum Oh.


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